We are fourth generation family owned and operated, and because we have been doing this for over a century, we know our business. In 1905, Nageeb “Jim” Jamail (pictured left) came to the United States from Lebanon and settled in Houston, Texas. In spite of his limited English, he was in business for himself selling produce after six short months. His kindness, generosity, and high quality products offered at a fair price are a few of the reasons he was so successful. He developed a clientele that followed him (and eventually his children and grandchildren) wherever they set up shop in Houston: from a stall at the Farmer’s Market, to Montrose, to Kirby Drive, to South Rice Avenue, and back to the Farmer’s Market again.

Nageeb’s oldest grandson Jim, his wife Kathy, and their oldest daughter Paige have brought to Horseshoe Bay that same commitment to family values, service, and generosity they learned from “Ghido” (Lebanese for Grandfather) Jim and his children.

We still believe that the customer is always right; and in a world where customer service, quality, and value have taken a back seat to speed and convenience, we are here providing all of these. We’ll take you back to the days when shopping was a friendly and personal experience with people who know you. Come see us!